wedding chime digital experience

Looks like you have found the ‘one’ (Congratulations!), finalized the wedding date, booked the hotel, bought your wedding dress, sealed the menu, made a guest list. Now what? What’s your plan to coordinate everything before your big day? How will you let all your 500-odd guests know about the wedding details – the itinerary, venue, ground transportation, hotel reservations, wedding performances, floor map and important updates? Doing it all manually, the old-school way is going to be a logistical nightmare!

This is where technology comes to your rescue! While it is a common practice in western countries to depend on technology to streamline wedding events, ‘Wedding Chime’ brings a pioneering wedding technology in India to help you manage every minute detail about your big day without moving a muscle.

In its simplest form, Wedding Chime is a one-stop destination for you and all your guests to understand each other and everything about the wedding. Add your story with photos and videos, invite guests to your customizable app, publish detailed wedding agenda, send out pick-up, drop & accommodation details on-the-go – the whole shebang at one place! All you need to do is sign up on the app, have your guests to download it and that’s it!

Let us understand in detail how exactly Wedding Chime simplifies wedding management for you:

→Engage with your guests in a secured environment

Even if your family is scattered all over the country, you can bring everybody from groom’s side and bride’s side together in a secured app, so everyone can know venue/ event details; discuss dress/ food choices, debate sangeet performances and – most importantly – know each other and feel friendly before the wedding day. This comfort will make the wedding so much more fun!

→Publish Detailed Wedding Agenda

In this digital age, even your guests would appreciate you having all the details about your wedding ceremonies and venues online. Wedding Chime is a collaborative app which means, once added, the entire wedding itinerary is at everyone’s’ fingertips. So instead of calling you about the schedule of events, your guests can just check the app on-the-go for info. What’s more, Wedding Chime lets you send push notifications to all guests and add location maps so nobody misses a moment!

→ Engage with your guests

One area where Wedding Chime really excels is user engagement. You can conduct polls, rate performances, publish news, create events, bombard each other with messages, create the much needed buzz before the D-day and what not! The one place for everyone and everything to come together!

→Direct messaging enabled

The app also offers direct messaging as well as group messaging for communicating with your gang ahead of the big event. While there is a separate, open timeline for everybody to see and participate, sometimes you need a little privacy. Wedding Chime understands.

We don’t want the groom’s side to know where we’re planning to hide the shoes, come on!

 →Media sharing between guests

Wedding Chime provides an organized way for all your wedding guests to share photos and videos in a secured environment. Timeless photos, crazy boomerangs, drunk shenanigans – all shared and stored in the app for everyone to enjoy and relive for many, many years to come!

Now that’s a smart way of managing larger-than-life, big, fat Indian weddings. Don’t you agree? So ditch paper calendars and handwritten to-do lists and go digital with Wedding Chime! And, by any chance, if you think that’s all this app can do, you’ve just nicked the tip of the iceberg. Download the app today to see what all is in store for you and your special day.

 Happy chiming!