Have you ever flipped through your parents’ wedding album and chuckled at how wedding trends have evolved over decades? I don’t know about you but it amazes me every time! Moving from simple ceremonies in living rooms to stunning seafront settings in Italy, weddings are now extravagant with elaborate entrances and decor and lavish food and photography.

Thanks to the rising affluence of Indians and a desire for creating ‘memories with a difference’, we’ve seen a whirlwind of changes in how weddings take place today. And it doesn’t stop here. Technology is in a constant state of flux and weddings are going through a paradigm shift in India. Who knows when you finish reading this blog, we already have image mapping technology that transforms your plain indoor venue into a beautiful, lush forest? Or wait.. maybe in some part of the world, it already exists! Phew!

So we were curious and tapped some of the top event planners for their insight into which trends will rule the future wedding industry, and here’s what they have to say:

→ Smart Photography Trends

The last decade has seen a tremendous drift in the way weddings are photographed. From ubiquitous coy bridal poses to crazy couple boomerangs, technology has changed a lot over recent years. Among the most desirable with today’s couples is Drone Photography that captures unique angles and spectacular aerial shots of temple premises or hotel lawns. It makes for one of the best ways to immortalize your special day. Similarly, Go Pro camera is ideal for capturing first-person views of your big day. Most photographers just mount it on their DSLRs or even strap it on their dog to get crazy angles and point of view.

Also, a wedding at any of South Delhi’s plush farmhouses seems incomplete without a Hologram/GIF Photo Booth that not only captures looping animations but also delivers them straight to your guests’ phones.They can also be played on sliding LED screens at the wedding, whoa!

→ Online Wedding Planning

Almost all Indian weddings are spread over at least 5 days. And with most people busy with their careers, it is almost impossible for people to make proper arrangements for such elaborate festivities without professional help. Add to it the rising trend of destination weddings and increasing inter-religious marriages. No wonder, the trend is moving from standalone florists and photographers to one-stop-shop professionals and online wedding management apps that take the pressure out of wedding planning and last minute changes. Last minute venue change? One message to all your 500 guests in one go and whoosh it’s done!

→Fancy Food and Bartenders

Imagine a robot bartender dancing, mixing drinks and serving cocktails like a boss at your wedding reception! I know robot and drinks in one sentence sounds crazy but it’s not a thing of very distant future!  The concept is picking pace in the US and UK and the day is not far when they become the latest wedding fad in India too! Set your budget aside for this one!

→Chic Technical Invites

Who wouldn’t want to gate-crash a lavish reception, some free drinks and awesome performances by Bollywood celebs?!  But for good or worse, modern hosts have stepped up their game to not only keep the gate crashers at bay but also add some geek chic to their wedding.

These days, wedding invites are accompanied by swipe cards, mobile invites, and coded wristbands to ensure security at the venue. For example, for Harbhajan and Geeta Basra’s reception party, a security card with QR code was sent out along with the invitation that was scanned at the venue. Invite-only mobile apps also ensure guest security and are trending.

→Entertainment Unlimited

We won’t really call 360-degree live streaming latest but instead of having to appoint a person to live-stream all the functions, having a smart robot with an iPad do the job is really next level! Recently IKEA also revealed an entirely virtual wedding program where you can invite guests from anywhere in the world and bring them together virtually. Masi couldn’t make it to Goa? No worries, let her stay connected online!

And not just bringing people online, you can have them leave messages for the newly weds in a digital format. Easy to refer back and trendy as it is!

Not to forget cell phone charging stations to keep the party going! They’re an absolutely must-have if you want rigorous snap chatting and hash-tagging at your wedding!

→Wearable Technology

An upcoming trend in Indian weddings is a bracelet or a digital watch that predicts the life of your marriage. All you have to do is plug it and..Come on! You are taking us too seriously! We’re obviously  kidding and also hoping technology doesn’t go that far this soon! 😛 Till then, Happy Chiming 🙂