Top 3 ways in which technology is impacting wedding trends

Our needs have changed drastically in a few short years and that is mainly because of the direction that technology has been pushing us in. The ways in which we think, work, interact with others, consume information, share news has all changed over time. Digital trends have now become an integral part of daily life. And looking at the advancements in both technology and the wedding industry, it wouldn’t be really wrong to say that literally everything involved with a wedding, except for the ceremony itself, is going digital. And why not? Technology really does surround everything these days, so why miss the all-important trip down the aisle?

Resultantly, lives have become a lot simpler. Let us look at the top three areas in which technology is helping the wedding industry both in the planning process and on the D-day:

→Helps to streamline last minute changes

Last minute location change due to rain? Hotel updates? Sangeet performance postponed? You don’t have to deal with 250 calls to 250 guests when you can make the change using technology that takes five minutes of your time. The last thing you or your brother wants is an endlessly ringing phone from guests asking to clarify the venue one more time!

→Promotes guest interaction

Having your wedding hashtag plastered everywhere or having all your wedding boomerangs displayed on a digital screen at your D-day or creating a memory station where everybody can talk and get nostalgic only goes onto promoting greater interaction between your guests. And not just this, the possibilities are endless. Technology can be used as an extension to provide information like guest bios, anecdotes and the story of how you and your partner met, information about the area for out-of-town guests, and a lot more. It brings everybody from groom’s side and bride’s side together, cutting the awkwardness and paving way for merrier times.

→Adds a dash of fun

Wedding tech is not just limited to the planning stage or getting the work done. You can use technology to make your wedding day even more memorable. Instant photos with photo/ GIF booths, digital guest books to let your guests record personal wishes, live wedding streaming for a dear one who couldn’t make it to Bangkok, or a digital screen for all the photos you’ve taken throughout the years with your partner, families and members of your wedding party – all adds a different vibe to your wedding, isn’t it?

Funny when my eldest sister reminisces her wedding day, it’s an avalanche of emotions for her and she boastfully says “We had a 10-foot-long banana split for dessert!”. Who knows when you tell your children about your wedding, they could actually be able to see and feel your exact heart rate the precise moment you took the mangal phere!

Technology amazes us all and how!