Your Destination Wedding Management in your Palm

Perhaps the biggest and most memorable event people will plan for in their life is their wedding. The memories created on this beautiful day are meant to last a lifetime and even generations. It is certainly a dream for anybody but this dream, you’d agree, requires months of preparation, a lot of running around, and lots and lots of brainstorming sessions between family members. Oh and multiply it at least a hundred times if you plan to get hitched in a romantic Hawaiian island filled with waterfalls and rainbows or a royal maharaja property in Jodhpurs.

Destination weddings are fun undoubtedly but throwing a destination wedding means you’re in for much more labor. The guests would need to be updated on location, climate, hotel reservations, ground transportation, visa information, currency and much more. The biggest challenge in a wedding like this is pulling it off from a logistical standpoint. So, as a host, you have two options – either you can go bananas doing it all manually and explaining it over calls to everyone individually or you can save yourself some peace of mind using technology.

Funny thing is, with so much technology available to us today, not many people in India have thought about using wedding technology or Wed Tech for their weddings. There are a few tried and tested applications of mobile technology for weddings which are in use in US and Europe but Indian weddings are far more complex and require customization of the technology to suit the Indian wedding style.

In 2017, two ex-Infosys lads, Paras and Ratnesh started thinking about solving some very complex problems of Indian weddings using modern day mobile technology. Follow-up meetings were organized with technology experts, wedding planners, event experts and general public in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, London, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, to validate some of the challenges which the team had picked up to solve and work with the best tech companies in Silicon valley to build a robust mobile platform which could solve these problems.

After months of hard work by engineers, product managers, content managers etc. the team is happy to present Wedding Chime – a complete wedding management mobile app that helps you organize your dream wedding in any shore of the world sitting in your home country. Wedding Chime brings a pioneering ‘app-roach’ to destination wedding management by acting as a single platform for all details and updates before, during and after your wedding. You can add your story with photos and videos, invite guests to your customizable app, publish detailed wedding agenda, send out pick-up, drop & accommodation details on-the-go, make announcements, share photos and what not!

So if you are planning to jet off to a foreign land to marry your love, here’s how ‘Wedding Chime’ can effectively manage the challenges involved:

 → One Consolidated Platform

Having one central, secured environment to be able to share all destination details and invite guests to RSVP and check in mitigates half your headaches. All you have to do is send app link to your friends, family and relatives 2-3 months prior to the wedding, get them all in and have everyone on the same page about the venue. This way you don’t have to deal with each guest individually as they all can share, ask, and discuss using one common platform.

→ Manage City Details

Once you’re sure where you want to tie the knot, it’s a good idea to let the guests know of the place a bit.  Let’s say your wedding in planned in Istanbul. Wedding Chime lets you add everything about Istanbul that your guests might be interested in. You can talk about the city’s weather, currency, top attractions, best nightclubs nearby, etc so your guests are prepared for what’s in store for them.

→ Manage Venue Details

It’s a new city or maybe a new country for a lot of your guests. And it’s only going one step further into taking care of their comfort to specify details about the wedding venue and hotel reservation. If your guests have a map, and the venue sitemap inside the common app, they can figure what’s where easily without having to bother calling you every ten minutes.

 → Manage Event Schedule

Big, fat Indian weddings typically run for a couple of days and don’t we just love them for that! However, with a good number of ceremonies involved, it gets really hard to get everyone together at the right time, at the right place. Nobody wants a crazy quarrel at a ceremony because you missed the auspicious moment. Wedding Chime saves you from this drama too! It lets you list all events by venue, date and time so everyone in your guest-list is prepared for all the functions. You can also send notification reminders so everything goes as planned. Go on and customize it as you like, add dress code, get guests RSVP, rate performances. The list is never ending.

→ Manage Ground Transportation

While a wedding in Goa is fancy, it has to be equally comfortable for guests especially elders or those traveling from outside the country. You may have your own transit arrangements but what’s even more important is having your guests know of those arrangements. Wedding Chime lets you add details about hotel transfers, private taxis or public transport so there are no sad faces or behind-your-back gossip on your special day.

At Wedding Chime, our idea is that your wedding should be an epitome of a world-class event planning and you get to live every moment it. Weddings are beautiful but wedding management can be a stressful job, so why not leave it to experts?

Download Wedding Chime app today to start the fun!

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